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Cacao Butter DNC, 80ml

Chocolate, caring and delicate

Shea Butter DNC, 80 ml

African Butter of Life

Eye contour care hyaluronic acid, Gemene

A metal ball made of surgical steel with special additives has a cooling effect and helps to distribute the gel smoothly; it has a massage and...


“PROTEINS OF YOUTH” Smoothes skin Helps to maintain structure and plasticity Moisturizes and protects Perfect for thin and...

Combination of Hyaluronic Acids Gemene, 10ml

combination of high, medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids an even more efficient anti-age product to restore skin elasticity,...

Aloe Vera Gel FACE & HAIR DNC, 20ml

Refreshes. Nourishes. Protects. Regenerates.

Gemene 1% hyaluronic acid

Applying hyaluronic acid solution makes the skin look softer, smoother, and more velvety, which is not merely visual.

Succinic acid with amber powder

Professional face care! Intense gels to support and restore facial skin beauty. 20 ml (pump feeder) Premium cosmetic treatment. Quick and...

Fruit acids for peeling and regeneration

Professional face care! Intense gels to support and restore facial skin beauty. 20 ml (pump feeder) Premium cosmetic treatment. Quick and...

Salicylic acid (willow infusion)

Professional face care! Intense gels to support and restore facial skin beauty. 20 ml (pump feeder) Premium cosmetic treatment. Quick and...

Linoleic acid in cottonseed oil

Professional face care! Intense gels to support and restore facial skin beauty. 20 ml (pump feeder) Premium cosmetic treatment. Quick and...

Hyaluronic acid 1%, 10 ml

After the application of hyaluronic acid solution, the skin looks soft, smooth and tender. And it is not just an outer effect.

Hyaluronic acid 1%, 3 ml

After the application of hyaluronic acid solution, the skin looks soft, smooth and tender. And it is not just an outer effect.

Cosmetic argan oil

The liquid gold of Morocco

The Night. DNC oil for tired facial skin

Have you been sunbathing? Going through a stress? Dancing? Unwell? Working a lot? Painting the town red? You’ve got tired, your skin’s...

Problem face skin mask

Natual Detox Mask Use whenever necessary 1-2 times a week Anti-acne

Purifying face mask

Natural Detox Mask For greasy skin Use whenever necessary 1-2 times a week

Light face oil

Oil Balm Plant extracts Easy to use, easy to feel the result Light face oil. An extract of 12 herbs for smooth and glowing skin

DNC face wax

Might be the best cream you have ever tried! Protection and fast recovery guaranteed. Support and care. Protection Antibacterial...

Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil DNC, 170ml

Unparalleled cleansing Gentle make-up removal Exceptional hydration Skin nourishment and softening Wipes off the signs of the hard day

Lift & Firm White Chocolate DNC, 50ml

A Tasty Skincare Product. Day or Night. White Chocolate for Face and Neck.

Micellar Water DNC, 170ml

• produced with medical herb hydrosols • removes make-up within seconds • gentle to the skin including eye area • soothes the...

Gentle Blue Clay DNC, 50ml

A refreshing anti-aging mask Vitalizes your skin. Reduces wrinkle depth. Lifts the face line. Tones up your skin. Ameliorates the colour of...

Gentle Black Clay DNC, 50ml

A mask for acne and blackheads treatment Enhances blood circulation. Cleans and unclogs pores. Slightly dries your skin.

Sea Buckthorn Oil DNC 20 ml

Heals cracks and dryness, nourishes and regenerates. A true queen of herbs. A well-timed rescue. Makes your hair silky. Reduces hair loss....

Hemp Seed Oil DNC, 55 ml

Light, quickly absorbed oil Treats split ends. Reduces excessive grease. Your hair is easier to brush and comb. Strengthens hair roots. Tones...

Cottonseed Oil DNC, 55 ml

Protects, softens, strengthens and rejuvenates. A natural revitalization stimulator. Slight anti-inflammatory effect. Boosts protective...

Makeup removing tone

For the removal of eye an lip makeup. Refreshing. Excellently cleans the skin of the remainders of cosmetics and tones up, leaving a feeling of...

Makeup removing milk

A refreshing makeup removing milk A universal makeup remover for the face. Refreshing and toning.

Moringa Oil, 55ml, DNC

Purifies your skin. Reduces irritation. Evens out skin tone. Treats skin damage. Stimulates hair growth. Redeems hair shine and silkiness.

Hyaluronic Acid LOr 15ml

A moisturizing anti-aging gel.

LOr, Snail Secretion Serum, 15 ml

Treats wrinkles and dry skin.

LOr, Snail Secretion Eye Contour, 15 ml

Lifts, tones up and moisturizes.

Ceramide Cream DNC, dry and damaged skin, 15ml

Bioactive protection. A rich serum-cream. Creates a light protective layer. Stands against dryness. Softens delicate skin. Protects against...

Ceramide Anti-Age Cream DNC, 15 ml

Maintains moisture balance. Boosts nutrient availability. Enhances skin structure. Promotes regeneration. Restores protective properties.

ARGAN OIL L`Or 15 ml, dropper

Suitable for Face and Hair.

Virgin Coconut Oil L`Or 15 ml, dropper

A fragrant answer for hundreds of cosmetic issues

Niaouli Essential Oil DNC 10 ml

acne remedy, suitable for oily skin natural adaptogen cleans and recovers skin without drying and damaging

Myrtle Essential Oil DNC 10 ml

eliminates traces of fatigue, wrinkles and swelling regulator for oily skin against age and stress

Green Coffee Bean Oil DNC 10 ml

dry skin protection and recovery reduces wrinkles and relieves swelling suitable for thin and delicate skin

Combination type facial skin refreshing ice

Facial skin needs permanent protection from harmful impact. Hot weather or excessive air dryness in heated homes can cause skin irritation and...

Dr. chocolate lifting face chocolate

A pleasant procedure that smells good

Chamomile Hydrolat DNC

- Helps an acne - Removes puffiness and irritations - Clears skin - Keeps healthy and consistent skin color

Lavender Hydrolat DNC

- Calms skin - Dries - Heals small lesions - Narrows pores - Restores after sun burns - Helps at insect stings - For the sensitive and...

Wrinkle filler,15ml

Visibly softens wrinkle lines. Corrects the loss of volume in the area of deep wrinkles. Softens and...

Wrinkle filler for eyes,15ml

The product is used to compensate age-related changes in the soft and sensitive areas of skin.

Face Lanolin, 26 ml

Anti-aging moisturizing and nourishing cream for face, neck and cleavage.           Improves...

Collagen for Face, Neck, Decollete, Gemene

Structure-forming component Multifunctional biopolymer The high regenerating ability Maximum biocompatibility

Goji Berry Extract, Facial Gel, 20ml

Anti-aging product. Tones up blood vessels. Improves skin tone. Antioxidant features. Mattifies skin. Minimizes pores. Nourishes and...


Reduces mimic neural activity, smoothing and eliminating wrinkles Retains moisture in deep skin cells Stimulates the production of substances...


Toning and elasticity Hydration and rejuvenation Gentle wrinkle-filling action Repairs damaged skin cells Brightens and evens out the complexion


Defines face contours Fast cellular turnover Stimulation of regeneration processes Reduction of the depth of wrinkles Potent long-term...

Coconut Oil, 60ml

Take a whiff of this amazing fragrance!   Potent anti-bacterial effect Excellent hydration High penetration capacity Rich in minerals and...

Facial Hyaluronic Gel of Fruit Acids, 26ml

Skin renewal and cleansing Reduces the thickness of horny skin layer Illuminates and provides silky smoothness Gently brightens the skin Potent...

Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen LOr, 15ml

Moisturising anti-age gel

Hyaluronic Acid & Elastin LOr, 15ml

Moisturising anti-age gel

Snail Secretion Serum DNC, 10ml

Combats and prevents wrinkles Smooths out micro-scars Tightens enlarged pores Boots the skin’s generation of its own elastin and collagen...

Snail Secretion Eye Contour DNC, 10ml

Excellent product for combatting dark circles and improving the overall appearance of the sensitive eye contour skin Can be applied over eyelids...