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Cajeput hair oil

Art: 4751006756571
Cajeput hair oil
  • Anti dandruff;
  • Perfect for oily hair;
  • Helps recover from head skin damage;
  • Improves blood circulation and stimulates hair roots;
  • Shine and silky smoothness.

Cajeput Oil product ready to apply. Natural hair growth and recovery activator. An anti inflammatory effect and soothing. The product helps eliminate many dandruff cases, reduces hair greasiness, and regulates skin lipid secretion.

When pure , the essential oil is extremely active and can damage the skin. The oil system was developed for perfect application of Cajeput Oil to enhance its benefits and prolong its action.

Usage: Apply a little oil all over hair and head skin. Let it act for at least 20 minutes. If necessary, use your regular shampoo to wash it off. Use the mask 1 to 3 times a week. Make sure your individual tolerance of the oil is fine.