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Bay hair oil

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Bay hair oil

Bail Oil is not very wide-known and popular yet, but many cosmetologists and dermatologists believe it and Cajeput oil to be the most powerful products against  hair and head skin problems. Its most important properties include hair growth stimulation, active hair loss prevention,  anti dandruff and wound healing effects.

  • convenient and light formula;
  • active natural component;
  • growth stimulation;
  • hair loss relief;
  • forming a healthy and beautiful structure;
  • Freshening and tonic action.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Recommended for dry and limp hair.
  • Growth activator.
  • Intense nutrition.
  • Mild warming effect.

A light and efficient bay oil formula for active hair growth restoration and prevention of hair loss. Bay Oil is one of the most efficient natural products used to eliminate hair loss and any problems related to poor hair growth. It strengthens thin and dull hair, providing strength and healthy gloss.

The superactive Bay Oil acts systemically with a light and soft basis of disintegrated and specially prepared coconut butter and vitamin Е.

Usage: Apply a little oil all over your hair and head skin. You can heat the vial before use (putting it into warm water). Let it act for at least 20 minutes with your hair wrapped. If necessary, wash off with your regular shampoo. Use the mask 1 to 2 times weekly.