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Amla Oil DNC 10 ml

Art: 4752202005197
Amla Oil DNC 10 ml

beauty and health of hair

firmness and smoothness of the skin

radiance restoration

Amla oil, little known in Europe, has been one of the most important hair and skin care products in Buddhist countries for centuries. Amla prevents hair loss and enhances their pigmentation, reducing gray hair and hair dullness. Significantly reduces dandruff. Strengthens the color of dyed hair.

Amla oil  contains rare  elements and vitamins, it nourishes skin cells and hair roots, contributing to their active renewal. Amla Oil Masks reduce wrinkle depth and restore skin elasticity.

 Amla Oil has long been used by young Indians to stimulate the growth of a beard.

 Application: Make sure there is no allergy. Having moistened your palm a little with oil, go over the scalp, gently massaging it along the entire length of the hair. Wash your hair in an hour and a half, if you feel the need for it. For skin care, apply very little Oil to your face in the evening, as a night cream.