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Niaouli Essential Oil DNC 10 ml

Art: 4752202005173
Niaouli Essential Oil DNC 10 ml

acne remedy, suitable for oily skin

natural adaptogen

cleans and recovers skin without drying and damaging

Being protected by nature from external factors, oily skin is often prone to the formation of inflammation and comedones. Without violating the natural barrier properties of skin, Naioli Oil relieves irritation and reduces acne.

The oil softens keratinized skin flakes and promotes the release of ducts. Normally functioning and unclogged pores gradually become narrower and less visible on the surface of the skin. The excellent ability to reduce pores, without interfering with their normal functioning, distinguishes Naioli from many modern synthetic products.

Application: Make sure you are not allergic to the product.  Apply oil directly to pimples with a pipette, but do not drip, but just lightly moisten them. This amount will be enough. To treat the entire face, apply a couple of drops of Naioli with light circular motions. Avoid eye area