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Elegant Oil DNC - Eyelashes Repair, 12ml

Art: 4751006753068
Elegant Oil DNC - Eyelashes Repair, 12ml

for gorgeous eyes

long, thick and spectacular eyelashes

worthy of framing diamonds

A splendid cocktail of nourishing oils for saving formerly long and thick eyelashes if you have started losing them. There may be numerous reasons and problems, but supporting eyelashes with a potent complex of the best natural oils might prove to be irreplaceable.

The Elegant Oil will gladly remind your eyelashes that it is their job to grow better by stimulating and nourishing the roots. It will also battle the loss of eyelashes, which, combined with a boost to their growth, will ensure that they become longer and thicker.

 Instructions for use: apply to your eyelashes, moving the brush from the middle to their tips. The oil penetrates the lashes effectively, so this will be sufficient for treating the follicles: do not attempt to apply the oil closer to the eyelid. Wash your face or remove the oil with any make-up remover in half an hour. The Elegant Oil is a potent natural remedy, so make sure you will not develop an allergic reaction before the first use.