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Hyaluronic Acid & Elastin LOr, 15ml

Art: 4751006753648
Hyaluronic Acid & Elastin LOr, 15ml

Moisturising anti-age gel

Hyaluronic acid is an absolutely natural and almost irreplaceable component for the protection from premature ageing, dryness and wrinkles. With age, fibroblast lose their ability to generate hyaluronic acid in necessary amounts; however, the skin can very well obtain LMW hyaluronan from gel. By saturating the skin with hyaluronic acid, we increase its firmness and elasticity, helping the body efficiently generate elastin and collagen, which determine how old the skin looks.

 Instructions for use: shake the vial well. Apply over your face and neck gently 1–2 times per day. Do not use immediately before going out at air temperatures below zero.