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Coconut Oil, 60ml

Art: 4751006750555
Coconut Oil, 60ml

Take a whiff of this amazing fragrance!


Potent anti-bacterial effect

Excellent hydration

High penetration capacity

Rich in minerals and vitamins

Rapid recovery after sunburn


Combats acne and irritations

Mild and fragrant face, body and hair oil. One of the most versatile natural cosmetic products.

Coconut oil can be used as day-time face cream for dry skin or as rejuvenating night treatment for ageing skin of any type. Apply the oil over cleansed skin, and it will provide hydration while feeling light and pleasant and make your skin softer, smoother and firmer.

The oil reduces the loss of proteins by the hair (a common cause of hair splitting and structural damage), which is especially important for the hair that has been dyed or exposed to sunlight. Coconut oil masks are often used to combat dandruff. 

It also works as a miracle potion to reduce acne and irritations when all other lotions and serums have failed.

Many use coconut oil as a mild shaving product instead of commercial foams and gels.

It hydrates and softens hands and feet, healing cracks, and is suitable for any type of massage.


Instruction for use: if your coconut oil is solid, scoop it with a spoon and it will quickly melt on your skin. Apply the oil over your skin or hair. Do not rinse unless there is any discomfort. The oil melts at approximately 25 °C.