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Additive-Free Shampoo Oily Hair, 350 ml

Art: 4751006752641
Additive-Free Shampoo Oily Hair, 350 ml

There is no perfect shampoo that would suit everyone. But we are doing our best.

Containing an expertly selected combination of mild cleaning agents, this no-frills shampoo does everything you could wish for. The ingredients work in synergy, compensating and neutralizing potential irritating effects. The natural protective and restorative components ensure that your hair stays clean, shiny and healthy longer.

A complex combination of cleaning agents with active additives helps solve the issue which people with oily hair find the most frustrating: removing excess oil without overdrying the ends. The composition of the shampoo contributes to reducing sebum secretion of the scalp, but does not damage hair structure or destroy it natural protective layer, making sure that your hair stays fresh and silky-soft longer.

 Instructions for use: wet the hair thoroughly, apply a small amount of the shampoo and work into lather. Rinse with clean water.

The product is perfectly suitable even for washing after the application of 100% oil hair masks and can be combined with any conditioners that require rinsing or leave-in treatments.