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Dnc anti-cellulite massage oil

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Dnc anti-cellulite massage oil

DNC is against cellulite! We’re for beautiful and tender skin!

The sneaky fat that’s settled on the hips and the stomach has been planning to stay here for long – and even formed an “orange peel”. But no way! A whole set of anti-cellulite formulations activates blood circulation and will shake up and pick up, lift and soften the skin. It will force the “savings” to become smoother, decrease the telltale relief. The products can be alternated or tried in turns so as to select the suitable one.

There is no better means to fight cellulite than massage, as the leading cause of the appearance of the “orange peel” is always a microcirculation disorder. The complex of highly active oils excellently restores microcirculation in the “stagnant” area. It stimulates lymph outflow and tissue cleansing. Fat deposits become included in metabolic processes their volume decreasing.

Application: Apply the oil to the problematic area and massage it for 15 minutes. Don’t wash the oil away from the skin – just wat it with a napkin.

Anti-cellulite massage at home. Basic principles:

  1. Regularity. 10-12 days in a row, 15-20 minutes every day. A week’s break.
  2. Comprehensive approach. Practice baths or wrappings in addition to the massage.
  3. Rub your skin before the massage to warm it. It increases the effectiveness of the further massage greatly.
  4. Massage right. Press strictly clockwise during the anti-cellulite massage, making only light strokes counterclockwise. The inner side of the hip is worked from bottom to top, while the outer one – from top to bottom. Massage the buttocks in circular motions from the center to the sides, then from bottom to top.
  5. Perform the massage vigorously.