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Cacao Butter DNC, 80ml

Chocolate, caring and delicate

Shea Butter DNC, 80 ml

African Butter of Life

Dnc anti-cellulite massage oil

DNC is against cellulite! We’re for beautiful and tender skin!

Sea Buckthorn Oil DNC 20 ml

Heals cracks and dryness, nourishes and regenerates. A true queen of herbs. A well-timed rescue. Makes...

Hemp Seed Oil DNC, 55 ml

Light, quickly absorbed oil Treats split ends. Reduces excessive grease. Your hair is easier to brush...

Cottonseed Oil DNC, 55 ml

Protects, softens, strengthens and rejuvenates. A natural revitalization stimulator. Slight...

ARGAN OIL L`Or 15 ml, dropper

Suitable for Face and Hair.

Niaouli Essential Oil DNC 10 ml

acne remedy, suitable for oily skin natural adaptogen cleans and recovers skin without drying and damaging

Myrtle Essential Oil DNC 10 ml

eliminates traces of fatigue, wrinkles and swelling regulator for oily skin against age and stress

Green Coffee Bean Oil DNC 10 ml

dry skin protection and recovery reduces wrinkles and relieves swelling suitable for thin and delicate skin

Shower UltraGel DNC, 250 ml

the highest concentration of gentle cleansing and caring ingredients attractive, radiant clean skin