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Facial Hyaluronic Gel of Fruit Acids, 26ml

Skin renewal and cleansing Reduces the thickness of horny skin layer Illuminates and provides silky smoothness Gently brightens the skin Potent...


Toning and elasticity Hydration and rejuvenation Gentle wrinkle-filling action Repairs damaged skin cells Brightens and evens out the complexion

Nail BioWax Strengthening

Well-chosen composition of combined effect from beeswax and active oils. Creates and supports thin and natural protection for skin and nail plate....

Foot gel with fruit acids (exfoliation)

The fruit acids gently clear the feet of keratinized skin layers, rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. The product is applied on the required feet...

Strenthening hazel oil for eyelashes and eyelids

Strong, healthy and thick eyelashes? We have a recipe ready. You deserve this luxury!