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Anti-breakage hazelnut oil

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Anti-breakage hazelnut oil

Strong, healthy and thick eyelashes? We have a recipe ready. You deserve this luxury!

Eyelashes that are prone to breakage and falling out usually need care, but there is a way to look after them without much effort: with the help of this amazing oil complex it will take you just a couple of minutes a day to restore the natural strength and flexibility of your eyelashes. The antiseptic and nourishing qualities of this oil are the key to its effectiveness. This is the product to help your eyelashes grow dense and smooth.

Application: Run the brush through the eyelashes from somewhere in the middle rather than from the very roots. While applying the formulation, move the brush in one direction – from the middle to the end of the eyelash. It is recommended to apply the product to the eyelashes before bedtime and remove it in the morning.

Plastic bottle with a brush similar to one for mascara. 12 ml.