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Gemene anti-fallout oil

Art: 4751006752726
Gemene anti-fallout oil

This oil contains all the elements you need to help your eyelashes look shiny, smooth and well-groomed.

Fortifies, moisturizes and nourishes eyelash and eyebrow hair. Contains all the elements for improving eyelash growth, helps to achieve a neat look.

Contains a complex of biologically active components for hair strengthening and protection. Vitamin B5 and chamomile extract will strengthen your eyelashes, protect them from harmful impacts, make them shiny and smooth. Physalis is a powerful natural hair growth stimulator used in Eastern medicine and homeopathy. The antiseptic qualities of green tea extract help to eliminate most causes of eyelash loss. Castor oil will make your eyelashes soft and silky.

Application: Apply the formula, moving the brush in one direction – from the middle of the hair to the tips, avoiding contact with eyes. Check for allergies by leaving the oil for only a short period of time during first application. If you feel no discomfort, you can apply the oil before going to bed and removing it in the morning. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week.

The oil is packed in plastic 12 ml bottles – just like mascara.