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Additive-Free Shampoo Coloured Hair, 350 ml

There is no perfect shampoo that would suit everyone. But we are doing our best.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Restores the hair structure Nourishes the hair follicles Reduces dryness, split-ends and fragility of hair Recovers after aggressive...

Nail BioWax Strengthening

Well-chosen composition of combined effect from beeswax and active oils. Creates and supports thin and natural protection for skin and nail plate....

Anti hair loss hair root oil for growth stimulation

Helps reduce hair loss; Intensifies growth; Eliminates dandruff efficiently; Strengthens and protects hair.

Concentrate cream, foot wax for smooth and tender heels, 80 ml

Heels looking and feeling smooth and tender – easily and quickly! Aromatic oils and beeswax smooth and moisturize dry skin deeply. The effect...

L’OR toning cosmetic oil for eyebrows and eyelashes

The vitamins in this oil strengthen weakened hairs, moisten them and supply with necessary nutrients.