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About us


What Is DNC® Cosmetics?

DNC was founded in 1990. A team consisting of young engineers from Riga, who had previously left a developing research and production union and tried their hands in exchange trade, established a commercial company. The business segment was decided on straightaway – it would be Latvian cosmetics. Back then, the quality of Latvian products was already appreciated across the USSR and in Eastern Europe. Led by two electronics engineers, the company gradually built a distribution network, searching for potentially efficient suppliers. The criteria of the choice included product quality and prices free from unnecessary promotion costs. A number of French and English suppliers along with those from Latvia were successfully represented by DNC on the market of Russia and East Europe for several years.

The demands and expectations of makeup users change with the passage of time. Cosmetic production was launched under DNC trademark. The suggestions contributed by experts from the West were thoroughly analysed to select the most appropriate ones. Principles to underlie an efficient protection system for age-related and other adverse effects were elaborated. Experience being a source of new solutions, dozens of new products were prepared for launching. The concept for DNC medical cosmetics was formulated and developed.

The DNC product range has been altered continuously. It is always transformed and updated to meet the customers’ demand and to incorporate the new techniques of natural raw material production. It becomes possible to obtain new cosmetic ingredients from the world’s best suppliers across the globe.

The Concept of DNC®

Highest concentration of active components. We believe that forming the “comfort sensation” takes 9/10 of many manufacturers’ effort. Light texture and creamy cosmetics consist of at least 90% water, making preservatives and emulsifiers necessary. Eliminate the water, and you won’t need them. Sometimes our oils, waxes, herbs, salts, extracts, and clays are not so comfortable  to use, but they are both quicker and more efficient at doing their job.

Most of natural components that have not been chemically treated cause neither skin irritation nor allergy. Scrutinous selection allows company to utilise (employ) the full strength of the natural components, in substantial concentrations rather than in the microscopic doses mostly found in modern cosmetics.


We adjust the experience in professional cosmetics to home use. It is not difficult but requires from the developers a very deep understanding of how the components interact.

What we do is essentially not inventing but looking for and finding solutions to problems.

Principles of DNC®:

Synthetic components should not be used if there are natural analogues with similar properties (effect).

Comfort shall not be strived for if it impairs efficiency.

The quality of components must not be compromised.

The product cost should not be overloaded with production costs.